The U.S. government reached the end of its red tape in July when it allowed Christopher Arneson, a 56-year-old PWA from New Zealand, to re-enter the country where he had lived and paid taxes for 30 years (see “Chris Crossed,” April 1998 POZ). Since a 1993 federal law blocks HIV positive foreigners from entering, Arneson cleared hurdle no. 1 when he touched down in San Francisco, clutching a suitcase emblazoned with the warning “Loathsome, Contagious and Proud.” Next he must persuade the feds to let him stay and fight for his Social Security disability benefits.

Canadian PWA Richard Hollingsworth was less successful at visiting the land of the free. Although the 44-year-old artist had slipped across the border several times before, in July he challenged the law by answering yes when an immigration agent asked if he had AIDS.