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14 French People With HIV Advance 'Functional Cure'

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random person

Erm.. No! why should all those who were careless and reckless get a BMT ?? They cost a fortune, it's like giving an alcoholic a new liver, they go and destroy the new one too when really they shouldn't have got it in the 1st place and it should have gone to somebody who of no fault of their own needs one.

July 5, 2013 uk


If we could stop new infections, by treatment, Then we can greatly lessen new infections. The only way to get rid of HIV/AIDS is to age it out. Treat people at all moments of infection. then as people with HIV/AIDS age out (DIE). We have to do something. it seems like treatment, should start right away. Lets test every adult, and find those who treatment will help. It is not debateable its the only way to go forward.

April 9, 2013 bOSTON MA USA


It says that those 14 French persons started treatment within 2 months of infection. The 56 people who also stopped therapy but did not experience viral control like those 14, started within 6 months after infection. I wish the article was a bit clearer about the exact amount of months. Are there significant changes in an infection between 2 or 6 months?

March 29, 2013 Atlanta

Eduardo Perez

There's too much information to be digested in a few minutes. Most of the information has a commercial interest. This isn't objective nor scientific and at the end not even entertainment. One gets the feeling that there's something missing on the readers' side.

March 23, 2013 San Juan, PR

Frederick Wright

Again it is getting easier and easier to Speak out Loud, I am Cured from AIDS. Now many are getting some hope, faith and action to look forward to the day when many can say I am Cured from AIDS. The hard part now is to figure out what will one do after years and years of the word AIDS in the mind of shame; heal and move on. Yes HIV people imagine that you are Cured and what would you life be like to know longer have the brand of AIDS or HIV upon you. What a wonderful day it will be for many,Joy

March 19, 2013 Coachelle Valley


Has to be said your a little late with this news it broke thursday/friday. It is fantastic news and brings the number of cured to 16 However it is of little benefit the the vast majority of HIV patients In fact the Timothy Brown case is of more benefit. We can not change the date we were diagnosed on or started treatment but we could all in theory get a BMT from someone lacking the CR5 receptor gene. However excellent news and gives serious hope for the future

March 18, 2013 EU


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