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How do you get rid of stigma. Only the people that are pushing stigma against AIDS/HIV can really stop it. GRow up I say to them. Jerry

May 31, 2011 Saint Petersburg, FL


I appreciate Dr. Gottlieb's work and perspective. Being recently diagnosed with the virus, I felt it important to create a support network for myself. I decided social media through a name of Afriendwith Hivaids would be a great way to reach out to my friends and those afflicted to humanize my experience and educate others because of my own previous misconceptions. I am optimistic things will change both in acceptance and treatment. Look how far we've come...

May 31, 2011 Baltimore, MD


StPeteFl is right if he's talking about the gay community. Despite its circle jerk over how well it handled the "crisis", it has done a poor job lately in handling the "epidemic". The CDC estimates that 1/5 of gay men are poz, & reasonable anlysis of that study's participation rate says the % is higher. Everywhere you turn you hear from Gay Inc. "not here", "it only happens to whores and addicts" and paradoxically, "stupid barebacking kids need to learn fear." Its time for social advancement

May 30, 2011 Denver, CO


I am 27 jst got diagnosed and I feel horrible when I read this.I am not surprised about his opinion and I belive it is true there is not going to be a therapeutic vaccine. I belive it is to much profit to loose for pharma companies. I am sure it will be preventative vacinee but not therapeutic one. To me that is not stopping the problem we need therapeutic vacinee to erradicate HIV but when HIV been in your body for many years I am not sure it is possible.

May 22, 2011 Houston


I am not surprised at this man's prediction. Which is any mans best guess. I am so grateful that the work that has done led to what we are dealing with. What I am always amazed at is how we treat each other (addressing his other comments). People who are living well with drugs today feel isolated and alone (including all those hot men you see at the bar..yes it's true!) The epidemic won't stop unless we can begin to accept men who don't have to hide their status.,

May 19, 2011


Been Poz since 85 and I'm still here. Quit work in 2000. Everyone that I have know are gone, trying to figure out why I'm still here ?

May 17, 2011 Florida

Chuck Turner

TO EVERYONE...Wow, please read this article, please!!! I've had HIV for 28 years "And I'm here... I'M STILL HERE!!!"

May 17, 2011 Corpus Christi


man. if he talks abouth hiv in 30 years from now this means we wont have a cure by then? very discouraging.

May 16, 2011


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