HOT                                    NOT

Fashion Statement 
Rubber Bracelet              Red Ribbon   
Freak Side Effect    Viagra Blindness               Crix Belly 
Celeb-Activist       Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt    Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins

Sex Ed                  “Condoms are bananas.”         Condoms on bananas       

Media Obsession    The Supervirus                       The Down Low       

Med Breakthrough  3-in-1 pill regimen             3-drug cocktail       

Theater Hit               Rent: The Movie               Rent: The Play       

The “My Bad” Excuse  “Crystal meth made me do it.”  “The condom broke.”    
Denialism Angle     Vitamins are the new HAART    HIV does not cause AIDS.
AIDS Neurosis        Midlife Crisis                         Survivor Guilt     

Activist Hero            Bono                                    Elizabeth Taylor       

Failed Cure             AIDSVAX                            Compound Q
Prevention Point     Don’t Give It                          Don’t Get It