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Gimme Shelter

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BOB Jones

Well in morris county in New Jersey , they cut it all back BIG TIME , enrollment is almost 3 years behind and its only a 2 year program. Then after the 2 years its state. The state has more red tape then HOPWA funding. No body is looking for an easy way out, just to know they are safe. I have lost and was fired from this illness. That does not make it easy to keep your upbeat go luck mind afloat. Most suffer from spells and mini OI's. But one of them can put out of work for 3 weeks to months.

December 30, 2008 North Jersey

elizabeth Lancaster (C2EA)

I really need to get a C2EA stsarted here in my county. How can I get the reaining in place here?

November 28, 2008 washington, NC


As a 53 yr.old woman living with aids in this area of Arizona has gone from excellent to terrifying in 5 years time. Altho my supprt system,meds,housing,etc. people for the most part are angels, the amount of help they are able to hook me up with is dwindling. I find myself considering the fact that help is mostly gone and the hoops I am forced to jump thru to "prove"my needs is nearly overwhelming. I hate having to keep two sets of books, one proving I make money one proving I don't.too hard

November 27, 2008 Sedona


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