One of the challenges of living with HIV is dealing with HIV-related stigma and discrimination. According to our December 2012 survey, 86 percent of our readers have experienced discrimination in some form or another. When discrimination takes place, it’s important to know your rights and to stand up for yourself (or others) whenever possible. By doing so, you can help educate others and help fight HIV-related stigma.   

Have you experienced HIV-related discrimination…

…from a friend or family member?
68% - Yes
32% - No

…at your workplace?
43% - Yes
57% - No

…at a doctor’s office or other health care facility?
54% - Yes
46% - No

…at your church or place of worship?
18% - Yes
82% - No

Have you ever filed a formal complaint against someone for HIV-related discrimination?
17% - Yes
83% - No

60% of POZ readers have stood up to someone for HIV-related discrimination.

Has the fear of HIV-related stigma or discrimination prevented you from disclosing to…
73% - Boss or Coworker
68% - Family Members or friends
49% - Potential sexual partners
29% - Health care professionals

What’s the biggest driver of HIV-related stigma and discrimination?
52% - Lack of education
28% - Fear
14% - Homophobia
6% - Other

26% of you said fear of HIV-related stigma or discrimination prevented you from seeking treatment.