The season finale of Brothers & Sisters ended with the revelation that a character was HIV positive. The surprising plot line brings up issues of nonprogressors, HIV testing protocol and the rates of HIV among gay men and the elderly, reports

Spoiler alert: In the May 16 episode titled “On the Road Again,” Uncle Saul (Ron Rifkin) discovers that an old romantic interest has been living with AIDS. Saul, who has never shown signs of illness, acknowledged that he had unsafe sex decades ago but never got tested. He has an HIV test and reports that he’s negative. But later, he’s in a car wreck and is bleeding. When other characters approach to help, he pulls back, saying, “Don’t touch me. You can’t.”

Uncle Saul is a rarity of television because “most HIV-positive characters on TV to date are heterosexual,” according to The plotline “gives the show an opportunity to deal with an issue that has been ignored by mainstream television for far too long: HIV infection among gay and bisexual men, particularly among the elderly.”