Sometimes, POZ can’t help but daydream. This summer, Bill Clinton, hitmaker Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and former AIDS czar Sandy Thurman threw a getting-to-know-you gala for their new organization, the International AIDS Trust. The site: the apartment of movie producer Jane Rosenthal (Cape Fear, A Bronx Tale), down the hall from her Dakota apartment neighbors Yoko Ono, Lauren Bacall and Roberta Flack. The guest list was blinding in star power, with Robert DeNiro, Star Jones, Lauren Hutton and Luther Vandross among the hundred-odd boldface guests.

The Trust’s plans include AIDS philanthropy and policy in the developing world. So POZ asks: What if Zimbabwe’s government had joined in on the fun? The African country -- with 2.3 million HIVers -- recently imposed a 3 percent tax on individual and business income to bank its own national AIDS fund, collecting $25 million in less than two years. At $350 for a year’s worth of generic triple combo HAART per HIVer (Doctors Without Borders’ selling price), a mere five of Rosenthal’s guests could adopt 15,000 HIVers. Trust reps promise the meet-and-greet was a slick uptown effort to prime the pump for future gift giving. Next time, don’t forget to pass the hat.

Advance for biography from Knopf: $10 million
AIDS Trust Tax: $300,000
HIVers adopted: 857

2000 salary as CEO of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc.: $3,664,266
AIDS Trust Tax: $109,928
HIVers adopted: 314

2001 sale of LaFace Records to BMG: $100 million
AIDS Trust Tax: $3 million
 HIVers adopted: 8,571

Pay for 2001’s The Score: $15 million
AIDS Trust Tax: $450,000
HIVers adopted: 1,285

1993 sale of Miramax Films to Disney: $50 million
AIDS Trust Tax: $1.5 million
HIVers adopted: 4,286