Charles Clifton

Test Positive Aware Network’s executive director had edited the influential publication Positively Aware. Clifton died of a heart attack August 15 at age 45.

Keith Cylar
Cylar and partner, Charles King, founded the one-stop New York-socialservice and activist powerhouse Housing Works. This 45-year-old ACT UP legend died of heart trouble April 5.

David Pasquarelli
An ACT UP San Francisco stalwart whose violent tactics earned him jail time and pariah status, Pasquarelli didn’t believe HIV caused AIDS. He died March 8 at age 36.

Gigi Nicks
The patient advocacy director at Chicago’s CORE Center was well known for her pioneering activism on behalf of positive women and children. Nicks, 52, died of a heart attack August 19.

Greg Smith
Openly gay HIVer Smith was a tireless HIV educator behind bars. He died November 10, at 40, while serving a 25-year sentence for biting two prison guards.