Their docs and nurses prescribed something old, something new,something borrowed and something blue. And on July 8, HIVers IsaiahGaines and Lorena Miner, both 43, wed inside Unity Health and Rehab, aMiami nursing center they had entered two months earlier. POZ crashedthe wedding.

How did you two meet?
Isaiah: “God put ustogether—we met at a church during a presentation I was part of in2002. I saw this girl watching me from the audience and thought, ‘I’vegot a stalker!’”
Lorena: “I just wanted to get laid! Oh, I liked him.”

Who disclosed first?
Isaiah: “At the church presentation, I told everyone that I was positive and available to talk afterward.”

How did you propose?
Isaiah:“We’ve wanted to get married for a long time. I’ve been sick lately,and something just felt right—so I asked her. She picked the month ofJuly, and I picked the 10th because I found dimes everywhere—but wemarried on the eighth.”
Lorena: “We didn’t marry sooner because I went back to prison for 18 months for a parole violation.”

How has your husband helped you?
Lorena:“I’d been on the streets since I was 13—I was a prostitute andrecovering addict. I thought sex meant love. It took me a while to getpast that, but Isaiah helped me.”

What did your friends say about your relationship?
Isaiah:“I felt funny taking Lorena to my neighborhood. I’ve messed with whitegirls before. My friends call her ‘gray girl’ because they don’t seeher as black or white.”