You wouldn’t buy gloves meant for thumbs half your size, so why suffer an unbearably small condom? Yet many safety-conscious studs do: Their average rubber is too loose or too snug. A lousy fit hikes pregnancy risk—and both partners’ odds for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

“Thousands of men have anxiety about wearing condoms,” says Adam Glickman, CEO of Condomania, a retailer of all things latex and safe. “They’re afraid it will slip off and humiliate them or it will be tight, uncomfortable and break. It affects their ability to perform and their attitudes toward safer sex.”

Enter Glickman’s custom-fit rubber: TheyFit—found only at Condomania’s NewYork City store (212.691.9442) and website ( After a 2003 debut, TheyFit expands its offerings this February, from 55 lengths and widths to 95. Condoms range from modest (3 inches) to massive (10).

If you’re worried about pinpointing your right size, start with a three-pack ($4.95). If it fits just right, you can blow your wad on a 12-pack ($11.95). And relax: Your size stays confidential. (TheyFit assigns each size a random code.) So now the “it’s too tight” excuse for ditching protection in the bedroom fits as poorly as O.J.’s glove.

Measure Up

Find your size of TheyFit condoms and have fun doing it—by measuring!
1. Drop by the Condomania website ( to download and print the Fit Kit.
2. Ask your partner to follow the instructions for measuring your Mr. Man. You’ll be most aroused and get a more accurate read with her or him around.
3. Order away—then unwrap, unroll and get busy.