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Lawsuits Against Two Eateries Are a Whopper of a Story

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Thomas Simmons

Are you surprised? The gay community ITSELF is guilty of the atmosphere that creates this discrimination. The 1950's "reefer-madness" approach that even HIV/AIDs ASOs take towards being positive creates this. When we all STOP focusing in transmission and being positive and Condoms and fear-mongering, and START focusing on a CURE, this will improve. Until then, self-righteous Negative Gays and ASOs are just as guilty as these ignoramuses.

August 23, 2012 Shelburne Falls

david northrup

Los Angeles "the Ivy" a bit surprising... Virginia..uh no surprise.. Craker Barrel would not even consider employing a person who they even suspected of being non identified other than healthy mainstream and straight... they still operate..

August 17, 2012 Los Angeles


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