The Lazarus Effect, a new documentary by Lance Bangs depicting how antiretroviral (ARV) drug treatments have changed the lives of four HIV-positive people living in Africa, premieres Monday, May 24, on HBO.

The film follows four individuals living in Zambia and the profound and life-changing effects ARV treatments have on them, their families and their communities. In short, the film documents their progression from illness to health.

The people featured include: Constance Connie Mudenda, who lost all three of her children to AIDS before treatment was available; 11-year-old orphan Bwalya; Paul Nsangua, a man trying to stay alive for his family; and HIV-positive Concillia Muahau, who was able to deliver an HIV-negative child.

Production of the film, which was executive produced by Spike Jonze and Susan Ellis Smith, was supported by (RED). The film is part of a multimedia campaign to shed light on the impact large-scale AIDS programs have in sub-Saharan Africa and the effects ARV medicines can have on HIV-positive Africans at a cost of only 40 cents a day.

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