A R T: In Do the Right Thing, Rosie Perez kicks ass as a hysterical, foul-mouthed mother given to emotional eruptions.
 L I F EIn 1994, at an emotional ACT UP disruption outside New York’s City Hall, bad mutha Rosie did the right thing by shouting at Mayor Rudy Giuliani to “Get up off your ass!”
A R T: Apocalypse Now star Martin Sheen appeared in the movie Wall Street, which demonstrated the greed of the coke-addled corporate ’80s.
 L I F EIn 1987, Sheen attended the founding meeting of the apocalyptic ACT UP, which demonstrated against Wall Street’s AIDS-drug-inspired greed.
A R T: Anti-diva Susan Sarandon, who fell silently to her death in Thelma and Louise, surrendered her virginity to a transvestite from another planet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
 L I F EIn 1994, Sarandon, who once wore a Silence=Death button on Good Morning America, showed her incredulity during a demo against Rudy Giuliani, the mayor from another planet.
A R T: Terminally cute all-American Patty Duke made her grown-up debut in Valley of the Dolls, a camp classic about the impact of recreational drugs on the Hollywood system.
 L I F EIn 1988, Duke attended a demo for ACT UP, at which terminally ill all-Americans warned about the impact of toxic drugs on the circulatory system.
A R T: CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather, living in the shadow of Walter Cronkite, lost credibility after a week of his eccentric signing-off with the word “courage.”
 L I F EIn 1987, eccentric ACT UP demonstrators, living in the shadow of the epidemic, were given credibility by Rather, who showed “courage” as the first anchor to air an ACT UP demo.
A R T: For a “terrifying year and a half” in the mid-1960s, ABC World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings followed civil-rights activists in their personal crusades across the South.
 L I F EDuring ACT UP’s 1991 Day of Desperation, activists passed over World News Tonight in their on-air protests because Jennings had made AIDS a “personal crusade.”
A R T: Frasier’s Dan Butler plays sportscaster Bulldog, a whistle-blowing, loudmouthed, skirt-chaser.
 L I F EIn 1987, Butler was the chair of logistics for ACT UP, a group of whistle-blowing, loudmouthed, skirt-wearers.