Webcams have become de rigueur, and with them, gay men showing off their naked bodies—some even for free. You log on, they get off (and maybe you do, too). Are they doing it safely? Take a peek:

Sean Patrick Live!
Voyeurism’s safety boy. He’s only done it on camera twice, both times with a condom. Every month a viewer wins a year’s supply of rubbers from sponsor
College kid Aiden Zane wraps it up and leaves the condom packaging out while he and his pals “cram.” He once showed his negative HIV lab results to encourage viewers to get tested.

Kip O’Neal, a surfer boy of both wave and web, sees site owners like himself as role models and always has protected sex on camera.

One on One Boys Webcam
HIV neg twentysomethings Tim and Brian (above) get it on at scheduled times daily, but use condoms only when they expand to a trio.

If longtime HIVer John Colombo isn’t home, browse through a gallery of his erotic photos. There’s not much sex these days, he admits, but his online efforts keep him happy and healthy.