Church Lady
I want to thank POZ  for the feature story “Practicing What She Preaches” (November 2006), which captures the heart of my HIV/AIDS work in the faith community. You took a big risk devoting an entire issue to faith. I have gotten great feedback from my positive friends, gay friends and even those who regard POZ as scandalous. Thanks for not playing it safe.

Kay Warren
Lake Forest, California

Newer Testament
I was delighted to read in your profile “Missionary Man” (November 2006) that the parents of Christian HIV positive outreach worker Cory Norlund opened their arms to their son despite their fundamentalist beliefs. However, I disagree with Cory’s stance that his faith and his same-sex desires are incompatible. It’s important to realize that sexual dysfunction and risk behavior in America could be related to poor interpretation of ancient scripture.

As an HIV positive openly gay African-American minister, I have found great liberty in coming to terms with my sexual orientation and my relationship with God. My HIV status isn’t a religious curse but the result of my ignorance and lack of precautions.

I hope that a new lens is created within our faith—grounded with a scientific mind-set, not worn-out superstitions.

Reverend John Garlington
Bellevue, WA

Write On
We at AIDS Service Center NYC were pleased to have our creative writing workshop—which has flourished for nearly seven years now—featured in Kathleen Reeves’ article “Word Up!” (November 2006). Readers who found the article of interest can learn more about the workshop by visiting ASC’s website,

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg
New York City

Cheating Heart?
I was stunned to read Jim Huntting’s column “I’m Outta Here” (November 2006). As a woman of color living with HIV and raising a daughter, it upset me to read about someone with such privilege flaunting his lying behavior toward a state AIDS Drugs Assistance Program (ADAP).

His deceit—using his cousin to masquerade as him to pick up his meds—could force ADAP bureaucrats to adopt more stringent access criteria, which may create barriers for the most vulnerable in New York.

Michelle Lopez
New York City