What Becomes a Legend?
I don’t believe that ACT UP founder Larry Kramer is above criticism; giving him special treatment would serve neither him nor us. But the tone of [Tim Murphy’s profile] of Larry (“Kramer vs. Kramer,” April 2007) seems to me unduly snarky.
Whenever anyone asks me about Larry, I start by explaining that no one else is more generous with his time, his enthusiasm, his honest response and his heart.

In addition to ACT UP, the Treatment and Data Committee, of which I was an active member, was one of the groups that Larry nurtured most assiduously. Within 18 months of the organization’s start, members were rewriting the nation’s AIDS drug policy. Also, drug cocktails that were developed over the next several years would have been unthinkable without his untiring advocacy.

Any article that thinks it’s portraying Larry Kramer without giving even a hint of those aspects fails by half (at least).   

Jim Eigo
New York City

In [POZ’s April issue], Larry Kramer states he would tell President Bush to “shoot [Vice President] Dick Cheney dead and then commit suicide.” A statesman’s role is not to advocate murder/suicide. I guess Kramer is unconcerned that [because of Bush] freedom is spreading throughout the Middle East and Muslim women are removing their veils. He may want to redirect his rage at those who shun condoms and go through sex partners like there’s no tomorrow.


Senior Trip
I’m 56 and always looking for articles relevant to my age group. In April’s POZ, I found just that. Nicole Joseph’s “Mature Content,” about two aging men talking about HIV, is not only fun to read, but relatable. Also, Tim Murphy’s “Read My Lipids,” about a med combo that lowers cholesterol, has important info for the older population. Thank you!

Crispino Ramos

Best Medicine
Thank you for Susie Day’s article “Gag Reflex” (April 2007) about AIDS humor—I got some good laughs. Just after 9/11, comics started making hay with bin Laden, and someone joked that losing a chunk of the Pentagon improved it. Edgy humor is essential and should be in POZ more often.

Tom Wilson Weinberg