Mr. June
I loved Bob Ickes’ profile “Bunny Business” (June 2007) of Jeffrey Jenest, the openly positive executive vice president of Playboy Entertainment Group. I am proud not only of Jenest but of Playboy Enterprises, especially the support that company chairwoman [Christie] Hefner showed him throughout the years. Unfortunately, I left a job after I disclosed my HIV status, because I was treated badly by my employers and coworkers. It got better when I reported [the mistreatment] to human resources, but I carried around so much paranoia that I ended up leaving anyway. Reading this made me feel better about myself.

Maplewood, NJ

I was disappointed that “Bunny Business” was the June cover story. I commend Jeffrey Jenest and Playboy for their contributions to issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. But I think that their making big bucks from distributing condomless pornography while trying to justify it is a double standard—and just disgusting.

Anthony Blackwood
Redding, CA

I really liked “Bunny Business”; Jenest is an inspiration. I also loved the pictures of him. What a hot daddy he is. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a centerfold spread!


Pen Pals

I wanted to thank you for longtime columnist Shawn Decker’s essay “Write of Passage” (June 2007). I have followed Decker’s career for many years now. He brings humor into his work, which is important, because it can get us through some of the roughest times. A long time ago, I reached out to Shawn. I didn’t know that the day I e-mailed him, he would [respond so quickly] and bring his crazy energy into my life. I have since believed that when you reach out to others, you never know what it will bring back, but it’s worth the risk.

Michael Muller
Rehoboth Beach, DE

We’ve Got You Covered
In the article “Another AIDS Movie for Philadelphia” (June 2007), Kellee Terrell comments on how director Bill Duke’s upcoming feature film, Cover, has already received criticism for its down-low story line, which many claim demonizes gay black men. I want to pose the question: What about gay white or Asian men? Is there a term for men of other races in this regard?