“Our bodies are designed for living. We need a great passion to focus this living that sometimes dumbfounds the mind and the soul.”

-- Bill T. Jones and Bjorn Amelan, New York City: 8 years

“My beautiful, HIV negative wife and I share everything and aren’t afraid to act like kids and use jokes to relieve tension. After 16 years of HIV, I finally found true love, and it’s even better than the songs say!”

-- Luis Santiago and Carolina Kim, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico: 4 years

“Advice to positoids: Don’t give up, don’t scapegoat HIV and be as patient with your lovers’ shortcomings as you’d like them to be with yours.”

-- Shawn Decker and Gwenn Barringer, Charlottesville, VA: 4 years

“Communication, compromise and a sense of humor make us flourish.”

-- Beth Hastie and Sage Skog, Boston: 7 years

“I fell in love with a friend once I realized I didn’t want HIV to be my partner. Learn to laugh at yourself, because laughter is a great aphrodisiac.”

-- Dawn Averitt and Brad Bridge, Asheville, NC: 4 years

“My husband and I adore and trust each other. We still have great, hot sex, because we’ve negotiated an honest, sexually open relationship.”

-- Mark de Solla Price and Vinny Allegrini, New York City: 10 years

“Share interests (we make fools of ourselves together at karaoke), and learn and practice the wonderful art of compromise.”

-- Cathy and Robert Olufs, LA: 3 years

“We never go to sleep upset, and we always give each other a good-night kiss. We have a shine that makes our days lasting.”

-- Nancy Cotto and Emilio Laboy, Bronx, NY: 4 years