Good ol’ Good Vibrations, the seminal San Francisco sex shop (, has invented a new kind of Hallmark holiday: May 7 is Come for a Cause Day—every minute spent giving yourself some lovin’ raises money for AIDS and women’s sexual-health groups. That doesn’t give you much time—so practice, practice, pussycat:

Toys in Babeland
This Come for a Cause cosponsor has lots of toys and info for the beginning ’bater.

Hear sultry stories read by and for black women-loving-women.

For boys who never learned the right technique. The ladies of the house are working on a spin-off (till then, see the For Her section).

Society for Human Sexuality
Don’t let the academic name scare you—there are great book reviews.

Betty Dodson

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re likely already sold on self-love. But if you still need convincing—or seek a treasure map like the Genital Art Gallery—you’ll find info and links aplenty here.