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From Mice Into Men

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After 22 years I have yet to see any evidence that Pharma's could block a cure even if they wanted to. The fact remains HIV is complex and wily, and our science is just not quite there yet. But its easier to blame the invisible man behind the curtain.

March 10, 2012 Toronto


I loved this articale. I am some one who has probably been infected with HIV(have to wait 2 more months on the outcome) Now I know there realy is hope of finding a cure

May 9, 2011 Amsterdam


I'm sure as hell in times of wikileaks the big pharmas couldn't hide a cure, but i can't answer in terms of pharmas slowing down the process. i'm also sure about that pharmas will have an occupation.

March 21, 2011


such an interesting article. but should the next article/poz cover be about conspiracy theories and if they're true or not? for every person who gives positive information about a cure, there is another who says pharmacies are in control. is this true? should we believe this when so many are suffering. it scares me to think that a cure would be witheld because of pharma or gov. is making money. can anyone help me with these questions?

March 11, 2011 atlanta


I am a fan of Ms. Hofmann's writing. And it made my heart sing, to read this brilliant article.Are we going to stand up and fight for a cure, when we are so close? The answer is yes! But we need to do it now,when the berlin patient has shown us the way. More and more, i hear the commom conspiracy theories...i ask...what good is this doing for those who are positive and who are sick? No. We need to direct our energy and commom sense toward the cure now. Please let's take a stand.

March 2, 2011 Nashville


I truly agree with Harsha. I believe after 20 years of intense research we know enough about HIV. We know plenty. I think a cure could be developed quickly, but these meds are a great safety net for many drug companies. I think it's a crime we don't have a cure yet. We need to stand up and start to stir the porriage.

February 22, 2011 Winnipeg


The Fact of the matter is that many people will loose their jobs if thier is a cure and that would hurt a lot of people and their neg families Do they really care about the impact on positive people and their families. I think not If they could live the life that people like myself who is raising two children and taking all the meds just to stay healthy they might chage thier minds.But That woin't happen and if their is a cure i would bet my life they would only give it to people who could pay.

December 8, 2010 Fort Collins


VEry true, Who knows what the hell s happening on the name of RESEARCH AND CURE OF HIV AND AIDS, I am sure there is cure but the multinational companies wont let it out as they want to earn by selling their meds.... thats all,, or else is there not 1 genius in this world who can find cure to this desease....

October 27, 2010


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