Gregg Gonsalves left his longtime post as policy director of the Treatment Action Group and signed on as GMHC’s director of treatment advocacy.

Former amfAR prez Mervyn Silverman joined the board of Childreach to help launch the Hope for African Children relief effort (funded by $1 million from Bill and Melinda Gates).


Two Seattle players -- Northwest AIDS Foundation, the state’s biggest ASO, and the Chicken Soup Brigade -- teamed up to become the Lifelong AIDS Alliance. Brigade ED Chuck Kuehn will QB the $10 million annual budget; NAF’s head, Terry Stone, said he was “ready to move on to new things.” All other staffers survived the reorganization.


The Denver-based Gill Foundation, a 1994 start-up from openly gay Tim Gill, creator of Quark XPress, awarded $300,000 to AIDS organizations, mostly to Colorado and other nonurban, people of color and needle-exchange groups.


Foster-parent wannabes cannot be rejected by a Pennsylvania county agency for already having an adopted child with AIDS, a federal appeals court ruled in March. In its John and Mary Doe v. County of Centre ruling (see "All My Children," POZ, August 2000), the court strengthened both the rights of HIVers and the role that scientific evidence plays in AIDS discrimination disputes.