Bill Clinton snagged the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Award for Humanitarian Contributions on March 31 for his foundation’s AIDS feats, such as persuading generic HIV- med makers to slash annual med prices to $140.

HIVer Tory Dent scored a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship on April 12 for her powerful HIV-laden poetry.

On March 31, a federal judge ended a 15-year lawsuit filed by three HIVer prisoners against the Mississippi Department of Corrections for poor treatment. Inmate Martin Groot—still in prison—is the only surviving litigant.

In memoriam

HIVer Sam Soriano, a tireless fighter for the AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition, died April 19 from a brain tumor at 59.

Yale biologist and openly gay professor Alvin Novick, PhD, who in 1982 abandoned his sonar studies of bats to become an outspoken AIDS educator and researcher, died April 10 of prostate cancer at 79.