Leading AIDS doc and advocate Scott Hitt had his medical license suspended April 7 for mutually masturbating with a patient (see “Hitt and Run,” POZ, June 2003).

HIV positive Illinois state Rep. Larry McKeon’s maverick bill allowing HIVers to donate organs to one another passed the Illinois House in March.

A decade of rowdy HIV-does-not-cause-AIDS activism ended March 8 with the passing of ACT UP/SF’s David Pasquarelli, 36, who died for his beliefs by refusing all HIV meds (see “Tweedledum and Dumber,” POZ, April 2002).

Keith Cylar, an ACT UP vet and cofounder of Housing Works, the nation’s most militant AIDS nonprofit, died in his sleep April 4 at 45. POZ will publish a tribute to the New York PWA in its July issue.