Irene Diamond, legendary benefactress of David Ho, MD, and his New York City–based Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, died January 21 at 92...The U.S. Davis Cup tennis team honored champ Arthur Ashe, a 1993 AIDS casualty, by sporting his name on their shirtsleeves for a (losing) February match against Croatia...U.S. Health and Human Services secretary Tommy Thompson, not widely known as a leading Global AIDS Fund advocate, was named chair of the failing fund in January... Jim Jennings, who applied his PR prowess to AIDS causes in the ’80s, became chief operating officer of the LA-based Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in January...Five ASOs announced their own bike-trekking fundraisers for summer 2003, vowing to top defunct Pallotta TeamWorks by socking 60 to 85 percent of proceeds straight into prevention and services for HIVers.