The UN will give a condom every day to each of its 16,000 male troops stationed in the Congo and Sierra Leone after U.S. ambassador Richard Holbrooke pushed the organization to recognize peacekeepers’ frequent purchases of sex from local women.

The Interamerican Human Rights Commission ordered the El Salvadoran government to give HAART to 26 public health recipients who had petitioned for the meds last September. It’s a legally binding move that may set a precedent for other HIVers in Latin America.

Outreach workers in Berkeley, California, will hang condoms from trees and hire African-American gospel groups and Latino drag queens to target day laborers, homeless people, gay teens and low-income blacks, reported the Contra Costa Times in February.

Ohio lawmakers decided in March to forgo almost a million dollars worth of federal health education funds rather than give up their abstinence-only demands. Only $90,000 would have been used to discuss STD prevention in school sex-ed programs.

A doctor in Loudon County, Virginia, stole painkillers and syringes—and then returned them, used, for patients, the State Board of Medicine found. The local hospital will offer free HIV and other blood tests to more than 160 people seen by the gastroenterologist.

A New York City Division of AIDS Services site left confidential client files on the sidewalk with the trash during spring renovations to the Waverly office, reported city cable news station NY1. Only old and damaged files were supposed to be disposed.