Serona, maker of the pricey wasting treatment Serostim, launched a new distribution program to block counterfeit meds-like those that reached patients in scams last year and in May.

Media giant, Viacom will use unsold ad spots on its TV networks (including MTV, BET, and CBS), radio stations and billboards for HIV PSAs, plus weaving AIDS plots into onscreen stories. Stay tuned.

South African inventors created a codom that can be unwrapped and fitted in three seconds, using a special applicator designed to make safe sex user-friendly.

In a John’s Hopkins study of 15-30-year-old IV drug users who tested positive for hepatitis C, fewer than one-fifth quit sharing needles when told their status and directed to a syringe exchange

A women’s Zimbabwe found that sex workers reuse female condoms-rinsing them with detergent, beer, urine-because they cost 11 times more than male condoms, which clients won’t wear.

The third largest Christian church in Kenya joined several others in refusing church weddings to couples who are not both HIV negative, citing “sexual morality.”