“People look at me like I’m crazy when I say I’m in pain from PN. They always say, ‘You look fine.’”

“I have built up pain tolerance over the last 20 years [from] the things HIV/AIDS and the meds have given me. Neuropathy is something I would not even wish on [George W.] Bush.”

“The pain was like putting my feet in a deep fryer 24/7.”

“I wonder how folks deal psychologically with being in pain day after day. It makes me pretty depressed at times.”

“Anticonvulsants worked for a period. But eventually the dosage needed to be increased to give sufficient relief, and then there were side effects.”

“[Effective] meds, a positive attitude and a drive to move forward every day have assisted [my] well-being.”

“We need specialists who know how pain management relates to HIV and the medications [we take to suppress it].”

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