Burly bouncers like the protease inhibitors stop HIV from spoiling all the fun at Studio CD4, but why not hire bad-ass doormen to keep undesirables out da club in the first place? That’s the idea behind fusion inhibitors, like the soon-to-market T-20. Now flutter your lashes at the chemokine antagonists, which latch onto the CD4 shell to smack down wildin’ HIV before it can crash the party. CAs up for the glamor job include Schering-Plough’s SCH-D, Progenics’ PRO 140 and PRO 542 and AnorMED’s AMD-070, already through early trials. Meanwhile, the ragtag army of HIV R&D is still managing to find new ways to control the riot inside: integrase inhibitors, say, and new non-nukes, including the rain-forest plant calanolide A; a rehabbed capravirine (vasculitis froze the prior’s canine trials); and DPC083 (think Sustiva with a longer half-life).