The International Olympics Committee is distributing 100,000 free condoms in Vancouver and operating HIV/AIDS information campaigns to promote safe sex among the Winter Games’ 7,000 athletes, coaches, trainers and officials, reports.

According to the article, free condom distribution at the Olympics can be traced back—at least—to the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona. In 2000, organizers at the Summer Games in Sydney ordered 70,000 but needed an additional 20,000 when their supply ran out. The 2008 Summer Games in Beijing upped the order to 100,000 condoms, each of which featured the Olympic motto, “Faster, higher, stronger,” on the wrapper.

Also at the 2010 games, the U.S. Curling Association, in partnership with Kodiak Technology Group, is introducing the Hurry Hard condom. Bearing a cartoon curling stone on the package along with the slogan, “Be smart, stay safe,” the Hurry Hard condoms are named after a phrase curlers chant to encourage teammates to sweep the ice faster. Proceeds from condom sales will benefit USA Curling and HIV prevention programs in Monterey County, California.