POZ ArmyThe POZ Army is a global, grassroots collective of people fighting for the cure for AIDS—and treatment for all until a cure is found. It is an army of the people, for the people, led by people living with HIV/AIDS and all those who support the fight to end the pandemic. And it needs you.

Whether you are HIV positive or negative, the POZ Army needs your voice and your passion to help end AIDS. Social change happens when many people advocate together in unison. A few voices can be tuned out. Thousands of voices are much harder to ignore.

It’s easy and free to become involved in the POZ Army. In just three simple steps, you’re a new recruit.

  1. Sign up for updates at pozarmy.com/update
  2. Friend us on Facebook at facebook.com/pozarmy
  3. Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/pozarmy

Join the POZ Army today and receive news of advocacy opportunities at the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS2012.org) and at the display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt (Quilt2012.org) in Washington, DC, July 21–25.