This past Valentine’s Day, NYC’s  Health Department released the nation’s first city-branded condom ( It’s free, and styled after NYC’s subway system— giving new meaning to the words “safe ride.” But will Gotham hop on?

Tim Rusty, 28, Manhattan
What happens if you live in Times Square where you have nearly every subway line? Which one do you use?

Bert  Shankle, 42, Queens
Subway-themed condoms seem frivolous given the seriousness of the situation. I live off the orange line in Queens, but my condoms will continue to be the same they’ve always been...and that’s my secret.

Stacey S. Latimer, 44, Brooklyn
The NYC symbol is on everything, from hats to shoes. There’s just something about this place that people seem to buy into. I think it’s a great idea for New York City to have its own condom line. Not many cities have the influence on sex and fashion fads that New York does.