“Tragically, AIDS has become cancerized, People including many gay men, are concluding that AIDS has become a permanent part of our nation’s health health landscape. They are giving up on the possibility of a cure. This mindset, of unchecked, will become self-fulfilling.”
Peter Staley
Founding Director, Treatment Action Group

“We have moved toward creating AIDS as the next intractable societal ill. The new Clinton budget surrealistically flatlines AIDS funding in the reality of AIDS case load increases. Evidence of an intractable problem doesn’t come any clearer than that.”
Connie Norman
Self-appointed LA AIDS diva

“It’s currently cloudy with occasional rays of sun, such as President Clinton’s AIDS budget increases and his leadership on healthcare reform. We must, as a united community, remain vocal in our demands that the nation’s leaders better address the needs of the AIDS community.”
Mario Cooper
Chair-Elect AIDS Action Council

“Until we find a medical cure for AIDS, all of us will continue to live with this relentless disease. But there is also the social side of AIDS, for which we already have a cure. Its symptoms are fear, ignorance, isolation and homophobia. The cure is compassion, information, public/private partnerships and enlightened policy. While we’re waiting for a medical cure, all of us can dedicate ourselves to addressing the social side of AIDS by helping to eliminate intolerance, anxiety and needles suffering.”
Robert D. Haas
Chairman and CEO, Levi Strauss & Co.

“Obviously, life is much better and more secure now for people with AIDS than it ever has been before. My fear, however, is the complacency. Everyone seems bored with activism. The community is getting tired of maintaining a state of emergency on AIDS, and that just won’t do. Much like the Los Angeles earthquake, AIDS is a national emergency with a real solution.”
Marisa Cardinale
Founder, Community Research Initiative on AIDS

“Mutating, gestating, pernicious…[while] we can’t even figure out what the first wave was about.”
Michael Goff
Editor-in-Chief, OUT Magazine

“We can’t stop now. We’ve come a long way towards educating our kids about the prevention of AIDS. We may have come a long way but we have a long road ahead of us. Education is the key.”
Gloria Estefan
Pop music superstar