October 26, 2006—Today Oprah discusses AIDS in America and rising HIV rates in women and the black community with guests including Magic Johnson, POZ editor in chief Regan Hofmann and POZ community outreach coordinator Marvelyn Brown. Marvelyn and Regan join four other HIV positive women who were all infected through unprotected sex with a man, pushing the message that all women are at risk for HIV. They talk dating and disclosing to negative men and dealing with life with HIV meds and stigma. Magic and his wife Cookie discuss the role HIV has played in their marriage, from his 1991 diagnosis to today, bringing up med side effects, maintaining their sex life and the fact that not everyone living with HIV “can be just like Magic and be okay.” Oprah also slides in a Peter Jennings interview with black men who had infected their female partners while on the down low and commentary about the new Centers for Disease Control push to make testing routine. Check it out at 4 pm in most markets. (Local exceptions include Chicago, where it airs at 9 a.m., and Los Angeles, where it airs at 3 p.m.)