1. Hair Care: At September’s Wigwalk, big wigs high-heeled all of 10 blocks to Wigstock—New York City’s annual dragfest—to raise bucks for Beauty Cares/AIDS Relief Fund.

2. Devil’s Advocate: Flanked by Adam and Eve (Noah Wyle and Brooke Shields), Lou Diamond Phillips played Satan in Burning Desire, a benefit performance last August for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

3. It’s My Party: This season saw the first openly HIV positive candidate for the California assembly, Scott Gruendl (left), campaigning for the Democratic vote, along with Senator Art Torres.

4. Gore at CORE: The CORE Center, Chicago’s mega-out-patient PWA facility, got a national nod from Veep Al Gore at its grand-opening shindig last August.

5. Skinny Dip: Entertainers “Jazmine” and Jim J. Bullock hosted the end-of-summer “Wipe Out AIDS” pool party and fashion show for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Los Angeles.

6. Waiting to Inhale: Thanks to signature-seeking studs like Wayne Turner, ACT UP/DC’s Prop. 59, which protects pot-for-pain users from prosecution, won a spot on the November ballot.