1. Tunnel of Glove: At a Cali, Colombia, AIDS awareness street fair in December, dancers made like sperm and wiggled inside the world’s biggest condom—a 3,000-pound, half mile–long piece of plastic.

2. Bronx Cheer: Borough prez Fernando Ferrar (left) helped Momentum AIDS Project’s Dawn Bryan cut through the red tape at the December launch of the ASO’s 10th new digs.

3. Native Son: Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network stirred the conspiracy soup in December with its Harlem AIDS Forum. Only one of 12 panelists believes HIV causes AIDS—and he said it’s a World Health Organization plot to kill blacks.

4. Viva la DIFFArence: A tranny Lady Godiva fought AIDS lying down—and under Lucite—at a DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) December benefit in the naked city.

5. Bedroom Eyes: Our February coverboy Tony Valenzuela shared some sexual secrets at POZ’s standing-room-only “Bareback and HIV Prevention” forum in January.

6. You’ve Got Females: Tom Hanks hit a glam slam with Barbara Walters, wife Rita Wilson and AmFAR face Sharon Stone at the organization’s “Season of Hope” gala in New York City last December.