A 2004 UCSF study of young gay men spanning the advent of HAART (1994 to 1999) concluded that meds reduce HIV transmission by 60 percent.

This year’s Super Bowl featured its first-ever AIDS public-service announcement, courtesy of media monoliths Viacom and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Thai students will get a one-week school break to brush up on HIV during Bangkok’s International AIDS Conference in July.


In the same UCSF HAART study, the young’uns engaged in twice as much unprotected anal sex, causing the HIV infection rate to plateau instead of plunge.

The New York Times axed stringer Jay Blotcher, saying his earlier affiliation with ACT UP violated its code of journalistic ethics—even though Blotcher didn’t report on AIDS.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will send only 50 delegates to Bangkok, versus 236 to the 2002 confab.