The U.S. reversed its stance against generic AIDS meds on May 16, offering to send the drugs to developing countries—after they pass a new, accelerated FDA approval system.

On May 10, the California State Assembly passed a bill that relieves needle exchanges from pesky biweekly reviews and exempts syringe recipients from arrest.

Some New York City pharmacies have begun courting HIVers—who spend big bucks on monthly meds—with free cell phones and fax machines.


The FDA’s new approval process snubs the World Health Organization’s internationally sanctioned drug-qualification program, extending the wait for much-needed meds.

On May 13, New Jersey’s attorney general nixed Atlantic City’s proposed mobile needle exchange. NJ is one of only five states that prohibit over-the-counter syringe sales.

The Michigan House passed a bill on April 21 permitting health-care providers and insurers to deny service to anyone with whom they have “moral” or “religious” qualms.