The Boston Red Sox hit a home run for Beantown’s homeless HIVers by hosting an annual Thanksgiving feast that the Boston Living Center had cancelled after losing $50,000 in state funding.

AIDS deaths in Cuba have decreased significantly in the past 18 months since the island began producing generic HAART and complementary treatments.

Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of 154 Catholic relief agencies, officially confessed to un-Christian, anti-HIVer discrimination, saying “we often rejected when we should have embraced.”

An Emory University study found that U.S. prevention programs may have kept as many as 1.5 million HIV negative -- at a cost of $10.1 billion and a much greater savings in treatment costs.


A University of Texas study found that 17 percent of young U.S. women believe they have no right to make their own birth-control decisions; 15 percent, no right to ask if a partner took an STD test.

Britain’s annual HIV infection rate jumped to 6,000 in 2002. Officials blame the 20 percent rise on unsafe shagging among gay Brits and immigrants.

Only 5 percent of Americans are willing to donate for the world’s AIDS orphans, according to a World Vision survey. Respondents fingered the foundering economy, but those with limited income were more likely to give.

Zambian official Alex Chama proposed that HIVers be sent to isolation camps until “they become negative.” He claimed they are spreading the problem -- to many Zambians, Chama is the problem.