The Boy Scouts’ motto, “Be prepared,” entered the 21st century (even if its stance on gays hasn’t) as Thai health honchos handed out condoms to 20,000 boy and girl troopers from 80 nations at the World Scout Jamboree.

The microbicide BufferGel may be on the market in two years for use as a contraceptive-cum-diaphragm. But sit tight for news on the gel’s effectiveness at preventing HIV - tests won’t tell for more than five years.

African-American media outlets, including Essence and Vibe, BET, radio and newspapers, launched the “Drumbeat Project” in January to create a rhythm of HIV awareness in the black community with PSAs, features and TV programs.


Citing skyrocketing AIDS mortalities and sagging profits, African mining giant Impala Platinum has stopped covering funerals for non-mining deaths—leaving impoverished families to bury their own breadwinners.

Porn stars have a lot to moan about, according to a January Los Angeles Times exposé: The industry is legal but unregulated; condoms are often still discouraged, putting actors at risk for HIV and other STDs.

Pakistan’s religious right called for the fingerprinting and mandatory HIV testing of all American visitors. While the Pakistani government thumbed its nose at the threat, the fundamentalists warned of nationwide demos.