According to the CDC, rapid HIV tests administered to moms-to-be right before delivery can quickly indicate if maternal meds are needed to reduce junior’s chances of infection.

Newly proposed Kenyan legislation bans employers, colleges and insurance companies from discriminating against HIVers.

The department of Health and Human Services has teamed up with hospitals and organ procurement organizations to boost dwindling organ donations from 46 percent to 75 percent.


Overcrowded state-run AIDS Drug Assistance Programs may edge closer toward bankruptcy with Bush’s new push for rampant rapid testing—potentially accruing 15,000 new enrollees.

South African rape victims must fend for themselves since budget woes have cropped medical coverage from the country’s Sexual Offenses Bill.

An Indian study discovered that uncircumcised men are eight times more likely to contract HIV than circumcised hombres, probably due to numerous inner-foreskin “gateway” cells.