Two bulletins on Prezista (darunavir), the HIV protease inhibitor approved two years ago this month:

A new 600 mg tablet is available, replacing the 300 mg tabs. Like the old twin pills, the new one should be accompanied by a low-dose Norvir (ritonavir) booster—and, of course, by the rest of your HIV combo. Like the 300 mg tabs, the 600 is taken twice a day.

Following reports of liver damage in some Prezista takers (mostly people coinfected with hepatitis B or C, or those with low CD4 counts), Prezista’s label now warns doctors to monitor liver health before giving Prezista, it also warns those taking the PI to watch for signs of liver damage including jaundice (yellowing skin or eyes), fatigue, nausea, dark urine and tenderness around the liver.