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Please keep your negative comments to yourself!! I understand for some of you it has been a long and difficult battle, but there are genuine efforts being made by the scientific communities to find at least a 'functional cure' of some sort for those individuals that can access it. We must not give in to self-pity and defeat!! Instead let us pray and uplift the scientific community for moving forward with a possible resolution to this dreadful disease. I refuse to give up or in to this disease!

March 25, 2012

David McCombs

Interesting article, but I was diagnosed in 1985 and have seen lots of hope that never happens. The ARVs are not always the gift we are told they are (I am dealing with liver failure right now because of Darunavir). Friends of mine back in the 80s always believed that if a vaccine ever came out, they would leave us Poz folk to just die off. I'm not sure that is not true. It is a nice dream, but I'm sure that I won't be here to see it. Thanks for the article though

January 25, 2012 Toronto


It sure is a wonderful ambition. However, the reality is it will never happen with a heavy reliance on ARV's. A preventitive and currative vaccine is the only way to a true victory. The ARVs route is too dependent on behaviors & there are always going to be HIV+ persons who will (a) not know their own status, (b) lie to others about their status, (c) many with a barebacking fetish (like me) (d) will become "lost to follow-up" with their Dr. or (e) choose not take take or adhere to ARVs (like me)

December 2, 2011 Nashville TN


MM-1 created in 1988... today is 12-01-2011. side effect fever or 102 to 103. Tylenol side effect liver failure and which leads to hospitalization and lots of cases death. truvada issentress, novorir, etc side effects, diarea, vomiting, rashes, severe head achs, some allergic reactions etc, and the lost of control for you own life. As long as there is no cure you are out of control.

December 1, 2011 Everywhere, world


They have been writing promising articals for almost a decade now. We want to see a cure not a change. How long does it take to break through plastic. 20yrs? 30yrs maybe? They can and will always offer only some brief artical about how that "may", be a cure insight. Who's sight is the question. Your not born yet children? Or is it their children? What about MM-1? How long has the government supressed this? I know the answer. They will give you radiation for cancer but no a cure for AIDS. SCINCE

December 1, 2011


I will agree witht he rest. Big Pharma is making too much money which means that the elected officials are making just as much. Lets bring stem cell reasearch into the USA and I am betting we can cure manythigns. Yeah they do not want that cause they all go broke. It is capitalism at its best and worse depends on which end of the money your at. Me it is at it's worse . Folks wake up this is all going to as one person said go away whena new money making drug needs ot be to treat another virus!

November 30, 2011 Orlando


Great article, lots of misguided hope. Sadly, it won't happen. Why? Because Pharma holds key patents required to identify and produce a cure for HIV. Further, Pharma is not interested in killing off their global cash cow. It's too profitable for them. If you really want to eraticate HIV you'll have to find a way to take the profit out of it for Pharma. The obvious solution is to kill off (which Congress, Medicare and ADAP Programs are now doing) those infected with HIV. Sorry to burst it.

November 30, 2011 san francisco


As soon as the pharmaceutical companies find a more profitable disease, they may drop the cost of drug for HIV/AIDS, they will move their business elsewhere. However, it's a disappointment that so many live and research has been done with not a positive outcome for a cure. At least, they have found some cure certain cancer. I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies have put themselves on our shoes I am positive that the cure be available right away.

November 30, 2011 Marlborough


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