Trained for less than a year to run the Philadelphia Marathon. A fitness trainer before diagnosis, she let it all go to flab with a vengeance. Now she’s up and running again.


AGE: 40

JOB: Poet, activist, speaker


REGIMEN: A weekly IV platelet transfusion (winRho) for HIV-related bone marrow disease

STATS: 620 CD4s; viral load, 450

WEEKLY WORKOUT: “I usually run six days a week, but right now I’m training for the Pump ’n’ Run. You go five kilometers, then you do as many reps of chest pressing 60 percent of your body weight as you can. For every rep, you shave one minute off your time. This is something I could win!”

DIET: “My diet is highly nutrient-dense, very focused. I can only have four ounces of protein at each meal, and I get most complex carbohydrates from vegetables.”

SUPPLEMENTS: A one-a-day multivitamin; River adds glutamine and amino acids during training