A former NASA analyst, Green has been an avid fundraiser for over a decade. His latest passion is the American Ride for the End of AIDS.


AGE: 42


REGIMEN: nevirapine/3TC/ d4T, acyclovir

STATS: 738 CD4s; undetectable viral load

WEEKLY WORKOUT: “I’m not one of those people who says, ’Oh, it’s Tuesday -- time to do abs.’ If the sun is out, I’m on the bike. If it’s raining, I’m in the gym. Since I can barely find the shower in the morning, I do all my gym training on weeknights and weekends. Each week, I try to ride a minimum of 100 miles -- about eight to 10 hours on the road.”

DIET: “Nothing fried. No pig or cow. I eat lots of rice, pasta and grains, and at least one large salad daily. I satisfy my sweet tooth with low-fat frozen yogurt. An Iron Man or Power Bar is also perfect for those long bike rides.”

SUPPLEMENTS: Multivitamin, calcium, magnesium, zinc; L-Arginine and L-Ornithine (for endurance and muscle-building); and creatine, pregnenolone and DHEA (for strength and muscle-building)

MOTIVATION: “The perception of the HIV-positive person as frail. After being a slow, dumpy kid, I am in the best condition ever.”

REWARDS: “Back in ’90, 2000 seemed impossibly distant. Now no challenge seems impossible. I am commemorating a decade of living with HIV by riding my bicycle across both Alaska and Texas!”

ADVICE: “Break your goal down into manageable and measurable steps. Remove the physical and mental obstacles along the way, and stay focused on the ultimate desire. Never, ever give up!”