Taste of Her Own Medicine

“If we don’t get the next generation of drugs soon, we’re going to face a terrible crisis,’ says [longtime AZT champion] Dr. Margaret Fischl...She estimates that up to 75 percent of the patients at her clinic can’t benefit from the new cocktails because they’ve already developed resistance to older medicines [including AZT] in the regimen.”

--Michael Waldholz,
in a January 23
Wall Street Journal lead story

Intravenous Irony

“By acknowledging the benefits of needle exchange in conjunction with effective substance-abuse treatment, [President Clinton]...would give a shot in the arm to the international war against HIV.”

--Robert L. Fogel, member of the
Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS,
in a
Chicago Tribune letter

Just Say No

“The Domestic Policy Council was annoyed with me and said they would have to rethink whether they’d reappoint me to the council. That would make me the first person to be fired for abstinence.”

--Bob Hattoy, a member of the
Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS,
on his abstention during the National AIDS Strategy vote

But He’s My HMO Doc!

“Marcus Welby can’t do AIDS anymore.”

--NYU’s Dr. Douglas Dieterich on the need
for specialized physicians trained in the dangers
of protease-inhibitor resistance

No News Is Good News

"Maybe soon it will be time to retire the obituary page of San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter. For years the page has been one of the most powerful statements in journalism, with pictures of dozen of people, mostly young, who died of AIDS. The Jan. 2 issue contained only two obituaries...Editor Mike Salinas says that the week when no obituaries come in, the page won’t be canceled, but moved to the front page. Hope lives."

--San Francisco Examiner columnist Rob Morse