Short Circuit
“People with AIDS have been using steroids therapeutically…to fight ‘wasting syndrome.’ Since then, there has been a lot of abuse of steroids. Young [gay] men are saying, ‘If [HIV] positive men are built up, what about us negative men?’”
-Writer Michelangelo Signorile, The Miami Herald, April 16

Club Meds?
“…Gym buddies, testeosterone injections, sleeveless shirts and insurance benefits…AIDS. It’s not a disease. It’s a Club Med vacation.”
-AID Atlanta’s Mark King, Southern Voice, April 23

Accidental Epidemiologist
“Helen Gurley Brown should take a bow. The legendary former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine was vilified a decade ago when she ran an article informing her female readers they shouldn’t panic about AIDS. Now, it turns out she was right…Cosmo’s premise— that women have little to fear if they avoid junkies and bisexuals— is true.”
-Page Six, The New York Post, April 26

Low Blow
“What’s a little heroin or cocaine among friends?”
-House speaker New Gingrich blasting President Clinton for endorsing needle exchange programs to prevent HIV transmission among drug users, The San Francisco Examiner, April 22

To Add: Eye of Newt
“Putting Newt Gingrich in charge of the science about AIDS is like putting the Spice Girls in charge of Congress.”
--AIDS Action’s Daniel Zingale on the House passage of a bill to permanently ban federal funds for needle exchange programs, press release, April 29