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Full-Court Press on HIV Criminal Laws

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If this can happen in New York, it can happen anywhere. Rep. Lee's efforts must be supported by my congressman, and yours.

August 16, 2012 New York


This is eye-opening to say the least. First, because so many people living with HIV do not know their infected; and many that do know their status fear disclosing because of stigma and/or discrimination. This is what I seek to address with the HIV Disclosure Mission. I seek to encourage those living with HIV to cease their fear of disclosing; after all, the more we do, the less we have to hide from. Learn more at

August 11, 2012 Canton


I agree with tweeking the law for people not disclosing their HIV status. HIV positive people have a moral obligation to disclose their status, however oftentimes it is not the HIV positive partner that is the agressor, but the naive ( presumed to be negative) partner that initiates sexual contact. How would they handel this situation in a crminal case?

August 1, 2012 Charlotte


Mr. Schoettes insults all of us that were knowingly infected by another. While it is unfortunate that some states abuse the laws on the books or target us, the fact is the majority of cases are still those that knowingly disclose - this attorney seems to think they should get therapy and a group hug.

August 1, 2012


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