Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Physician Tells You What You Need to Know
by Lisa Marr, MD (Johns Hopkins University Press/Baltimore), $16.95

A user-friendly primer for everyone who has sex. The volume’s main draws are its encyclopedic breakdown of 27 STDs—including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment—and practical information on such issues as what a complete STD exam includes and how to find a competent, compassionate STD doctor. The book also tackles sexual communication and the risk-reduction approach to safer sex in a real-world, nonjudgmental way. Veteran HIVers shouldn’t expect to find out anything new from the HIV chapter, but they may learn a lot about other STDs.  

HIV/AIDS Treatment Directory (Summer 1999)
(American Foundation for AIDS Research [amfAR]/New York City)

This classic reference manual covers toxicity, dose guidelines, trial results, viral resistance and drug interactions for a wide range of approved and experimental AIDS drugs and HIV vaccines. (Alternative treatments are notably absent.) Don’t be intimidated by the technical language—consult the handy glossary in the appendix. Five-star sections: “Understanding Your Lab Results” and “Guidelines for Changing an Antiretroviral Regimen for Suspected Drug Failure.” 

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