Sex-ed may be dying in schools, thanks to our abstinence-only prez, but you can still hear the word condom by tuning into quality TV, annually applauded by the Media Project’s SHINE (“Sexual Health IN Entertainment”) awards. This year, Queer as Folk’s health-conscious homos nabbed an award for a safe-sex pep talk with an HIVer, as did Sex in the City divas (above) for dishing the dirt on their past abortions after Miranda discovers she’s preggers. Other winners: MTV’s Flipped reality show (for its “Safe Sex” episode of scaring teens straight to the clinic to get tested for HIV) and Jay Corcoran’s HAART-felt documentary, Undetectable, about how we live today with HIV. Catch the SHINE show at -- if only for the South Park PSA 18 minutes in. You can also say the word yourself: Condom! Condom! Condom! Now, arrest me.